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It’s a big world of bonuses out there and yes some are good and some are not really worth it. We have already touch upon the options so here we will discuss a bit more about picking the right one so it is not wasted. You will find links inside that take you onto other areas which will expand more on the topic raised by this.

There is on average 1 main bonus for new customers and an average of 10 for those that join a basic casino with sports betting and live casino gameplay. So you have 11 in all now with the number of registered casinos online that meet legal standards that comes to about 500 bonuses in total. Not bad, but like we say not all reliable. So how can you pick?

You can see for yourself the high -level of quality that it takes to be a great online casino

There is the option of settling with what you know. If you know the games you focus on that helps direct you to the right casino. So if you like sports bets, then pick a casino that offers more of these than average slot bets. If you are based in India, then pick one of the best online casinos in India. You can look at casino streamers that play live games to see what bonuses they use and then make a choice from this. Or you can just aim for the no wagering rule and only play when it is 100% free to do so.

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